Jan Addams (35+ Veteran Designer, Author, Trainer) offers Design Services in 3, 10 and 20hr pkgs;

OPTION A:  Onsite (offered in the Metro Vancouver, BC Area)

SNAP Pkg ‘Space Needs Assessed Pronto’ – Consult an Expert
3 hr min. = 525.00 + GST (2 hr. Onsite Consultation + 1hr Recap)
*Note: 2hrs can be rolled into either 10/20hr pkg)

DIY Pkg Decorate It Yourself – With a little help

The 8 Step Session for both ONSITE & ONLINE DESIGN Includes:
1. 15 Minute FREE Design Consultation with President – Jan Addams CDECA, LIIID, MIRM
2. Style Options Survey (SOS) is sent via email for you (Interior Client to complete)
3. < 30 min phone recap of your completed & returned via email Style Options Survey
4. The Design Style Strategy (< 2hrs) is offered either on-the-phone with Online (internet) assistance or Onsite in your space at a time convenient for both parties.
5. Several ‘on the spot’ viable, time and cost effective style solutions will be presented with notes taken to be delivered inside your 15pg. Personal Style Report – PSR
6. Research, Resource of Products; Services & Concept Space Design Solutions are presented in full colour in a PDF format – conveniently delivered via email.
7. Final <30 min phone recap of the Online or, Onsite Session with final payment due.
8. You are now able to do the ‘Interior Style & Design Project’ yourself or hire us for further assistance

= 10 hours of both online / onsite sessions are offered with onsite consultations available in Metro Vancouver, BC only.

*DIY pkg = 1500.00 + Tax (Recommended for Space Planning & Interior Colour Selection & Placement)

 DIVA Pkg – Design Integrity Value & Accuracy – Interiors that say G.U.R.U.

*An Example – The DIVA Style & Design Pkg Includes:
< 3 Onsite visits (2hrs @) = 6hr
+ 3 Concept Space Drawings (3 x 2 hrs @) = 6 hrs
+ 3 x 2 hrs of Source, Select & Report interior products 2 hrs with clients,
balance time without clients = 6hrs
+ 2 hrs in email recaps & online / on phone consultations

= 20 hrs of ‘Concept INTERIOR Design’ Assistance

+ The SOS – Style Option Survey – to determine your INTERIOR Style
+ Discovering Your Inner Style – 8 Steps to G.U.R.U. – Your Personal Style Journal
+ CONTACT TO COMPLETION ™– The 8 Step Communication System© Project Binder (includes DESIGN DOMINOES)

*DIVA Pkg = 2500.00 + Tax (Recommended for multiple adjoining Spaces needing INTERIOR DESIGN Consistency & Flow of quality, style & colour)
*After completion of the ‘SNAP, DIY or DIVA pkgs’ you have the option to continue and ‘do it yourself’ or, if you would like more assistance simply sign up for another ‘package’

*Note: Working, millwork detailed drawings are available at an extra cost. Our Concept Interior Drawings are for reference use only.

Option B – Online Design (North America – English speaking)   > Same as above with a 10% Discount off all above pkgs
1.   The floor layout on your suite if available

  1. Current photos of your place or room in question
  2. Eight of your most pressing interior challenges to be solved at our Interior Style Strategy meeting
  3. Budget range & time frame
  4. List of any other questions that may be concerning you right now

 *Note:  To receive the Special Pkg Discounts, full payment via cheque, E-Transfer or PayPal is taken at the time of confirmation of Consultation Date and or receipt of the SOS report sent via email. 


Jan Addams offers many Interior CONSULTING Options for her AWESOME Clients. Choose ONE of the ABOVE PACKAGE that best suits your situation. If you need MORE TIME, simply purchase another Design PKG.